Language and Communication

Fusion SEND Hub have produced short videos, resources and information to introduce you to various special educational disabilities and difficulties

Widgit Symbols is a fabulous website of symbols and software titles to support communication, education and understanding.

Widgit Symbols are used worldwide to support people and help them realise their full potential, no matter what their age, ability or background. Check out the Widgit website for more information and to access lots of free resources you may find useful for your children both at school and at home.

Developmental Language Disorder is still relatively unknown within schools but there is likely to be two children in YOUR class who may have this language disorder.

Watch this video from RADLD (Raising Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder) to help you to potentially identify this invisible disorder and to ensure the right support is in place for this group of learners.

RADL is a really great source of information for all things DLD. Have you ever wonder why reading is so tricky for children with DLD? This video from RADL highlights clearly the difficulties that children with DLD may face when trying to read.