Sheffields Speech & Language Therapy Team – Videos for Parents

Sheffield’s Children’s NHS Foundation Trust Speech and Language Therapy Team have over the past year, created videos for parents/carers with ideas for supporting communication and interaction at home.  There are a wide range of strategies covered, for a range of communication needs.  There are over 30 videos, including strategies to promote early communication and interaction for children who are pre-verbal, using ‘first…then…’, emotion coaching, speech sound awareness, using language in daily routines and play activities and lots more!  These videos have been released weekly on Trust social media titled ‘Weekend Words’.  The Parent Carer Forum have also been sharing them on Facebook.  The full playlist is available on the Trust YouTube channel:

Weekend Words – YouTubeChatting to your child can be one of the most effective ways for them to improve their speech and language. In a new series, Weekend Words, our Speech and La…

The strategies covered in the videos are based on the advice we would give families in person, so we would love them to reach as many families as possible during this time when opportunities for face to face appointments are limited.  We would be very grateful if you could share these with your teams and with any families or organisations you feel may benefit from them.


Speech & Language Therapy Team

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