Specialist Accredited Training

Fusion SEND Hub has a strong and well established menu of core training.  This core offer also includes the following accredited training:

  • Team Teach,
  • Moving and Handling
  • Makaton

We can offer both initial training and regular fresher training programmes.

Central training is organised throughout the year but bespoke and personalised training for groups of staff or schools can also be delivered.

Team Teach™

Team Teach can include both training in de-escalation techniques and physical interventions, dependent upon the needs of the school / establishment.  The approach adopted is clearly structured and calibrated against the level of risk being encountered.

We can provide support and training on a variety of topics such as :

  • Understanding aggressive behaviour
  • Crisis management
  • The legal framework
  • Behaviours which challenge us / pupils

Training options can include:

  • 1 hour teacher meeting to discuss referral issues
  • 1 day: 6 hour course for low risk settings
  • 2 day: 12 hour course for medium risk settings
  • 1  or ½ day refresher course

Moving and Handling

High standards in Moving and Handling are vital in providing a safe and secure working environment for both staff and pupils.

This course is aimed at all levels of employees who may undertake manual handling operations.

Outcomes include:

  • Awareness of legislation governing Manual Handling
  • An awareness of risk assessment procedures
  • An understanding of efficient movement patterns
  • Knowledge of hoisting techniques
  • An understanding of the workings of the spine

This course can be delivered on a bespoke basis for individual schools or educational settings, and would normally last 6 hours.


Makaton signing has been used extensively for many years as an effective communication strategy for a wide variety of young people.

We can offer training in the use of :

  • Makaton signing
  • Symbols – use of programmes
  • Symbol use in teaching and learning strategy
  • Communication Books

This course can be delivered on a bespoke basis for individual schools or educational settings, and would normally last 12 – 18  hours.


As costs vary according to the training course and length, please refer to our Website or contact Fusion SEND Hub – enquiries@fusionsendhub.co.uk to discuss your training needs, or visit Eventbrite to book a place on upcoming Moving & Handling and Makaton courses that are scheduled to run throughout the year.