Fusion SEND Hub provides tailored support through a subscription model that schools sign up to annually.  A visit is classed as a half day and costs £280.   

Subscription Benefits: 

Bespoke Visits:  Schools can select the number of visits they require for the year, with the flexibility to choose the type of support that works best for them. 

Dedicated Consultant Teacher:  Each subscribing school is assigned a dedicated Consultant Teacher in SEND, who serves as their direct point of contact for personalised support and visit planning. 

Access to the Team:  Schools are allocated a primary Consultant Teacher but also have access to the wider team for specialised support as needed. 

Guaranteed Visits:  Subscribing schools can plan their guaranteed visits throughout the year, ensuring consistent support.  Schools can also request additional visits above their allocation, if needed. 

Flexible Options for Non-Subscribing schools 

Even if your school is not subscribed, you can still access our support services.  We regularly work with non-subscribing schools throughout the year, subject to capacity. The cost per visit is the same as for subscribing schools.  We can tailor support to suit your needs. 

Additional Services: 

In addition to our subscription and bespoke visits, we offer standalone staff meetings at £200 and twilights at £280, providing further opportunities for professional development and support. 

Contact Us: 

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